A security guide for a small business

The Internet Security Alliance has issued a "Common Sense Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses." Attacks on information systems operated by Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SME's) are growing rapidly and having severe impacts on business operations. One survey showed that about one out of every three small businesses was affected by the recent "MyDoom" virus. That is twice the proportion of large enterprises that were hit by the same virus

The 38 pages booklet contains examples of small and medium-sized businesses that have been harmed significantly by various cyber attacks. These are not hypothetical cases. They are stories of actual small companies that were reported in the media, listed on the FBI Website, or reported directly to the Internet Security Alliance during the research that led to the writing of this publication.

One likely reason that small and medium sized enterprises are being hurt by such a dramatically higher percentage than larger firms is that many larger companies with greater economies of scale, are making systematic attempts to manage the risk to their information systems. For this they use large information technology departments that a small business cannot afford.



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