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E-business. Consulting. Most hyped terms. Fortunately, e-business and consulting both survive the hype. It's more than e-commerce, much more. What is e-business? There is more than one definition of e-business, but essentially it's about the basics of how future companies will work, survive and evolve in the business world. The famous quote remains true: 'e-business or no business'. All businesses will be e-businesses eventually, making the 'e' superfluous. You better rely on independent e-business consultants-partners who's advice is not 'biased' toward some products, suppliers or service providers. We do not resell third party products or services. We advise and implement successful e-business strategies. We can work with your existing partners. We can advise you about new partners. You can trust us to pursue only your best interests, without any hidden agenda.



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