BrainWin consulting, training and coaching partners are exclusively senior level with at least 10 years managerial experience at boardroom level. As an independant consulting, outsourcing and training company, BrainWin values a Win-Win relationship. All clients assignment projects are evaluated against the value of the Return on Consulting Investment (ROCI) for the client, before Brainwin will accept the assignment.
Our clients vary from large corporations to small and medium sized enterprises. We recognize the variety of needs, resources and scales of projects. In order to respond to various customer's demands, BrainWin offers a yearly ICT Manager Pack, and two flexible fee schemes: Fixed, or fixed + variable. The latter is based on deliverable criteria related to the project scale and assignment (costs/benefits impact, timeframe, ROI). In de mixed scheme, fixed fees can be lower by a reasonable amount, to compensate the variable part of the assignment. Please contact us if you feel that the mixed fixed + variable fee scheme offers a better choice for your project. Due to the variety of the criteria for the variable fee, only our fixed fee rates are published:



ICT Manager Pack

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) have similar needs as large organizations regarding ICT: they need a performing, reliable and secure computer network infrastructure and communications infrastructure. They also need to continuously improve their business processes using the best human and technological resources.

But they often lack the time, the financial or human resources, and the scale to justify the investment in a full time ICT manager who is more than a technical network engineer. They miss an ICT manager who is an active sparing partner to the CEO or the management boardroom, speaks both the business and the technical languages, and masters the various aspects of business and ICT: financial, technological, human, operational and strategic aspects.

In order to bring real ICT management benefits to the SME at affordable costs, BrainWin developed an exclusive offer: the ICT Manager Pack. This 'all in' package offers the full services of a senior BrainWin ICT manager, on a yearly basis, for less than 1.8 Euro per computer per day. Interessed? Please read our detailed page about the ICT Manager Pack here.


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