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Hackers. Computer viruses. Angry ex-employees. Cyber terrorists. Thieves. Human errors. Trojan horses. The list of threats ready to sabotage, steal, disrupt or corrupt your e-business infrastructure, or the computer data and the knowledge it contains is very long. You really should protect and secure your information systems and business. Be prepared. Because it's not a question of 'if', but when, how, where and how often you will be attacked. And last but not least: who will attack you?

What if a hacker, whether for pleasure or paid by your competitor, stole or destroyed your data? What if an angry ex-employee blackmailed you and placed a computer time bomb in your computer network? Are you prepared?

Security is an essential part of any business. Your company probably already implemented security measures on assets against theft. But IT security becomes more complex and important. The intellectual capital contained in all your computer data, IT infrastructure, software and hardware is the nervous system of your enterprise, and should really be well secured.

We know computer security. Our security advice can help you set up a security strategy to protect your company. Let us help you with the planning, implementation and management of security measures: anti-virus software, intrusion detection, e-mail security, firewall software and firewall hardware, secure internet routers, password policy, security policy, VPN, internet security, network security and wireless security. An efficient security strategy is based on the integration of various actions at all levels, and most of all at human level. All employees should be aware of the threats, and of the security policy protecting the business. Brainwin's top security consulting, outsourcing and training services help you to protect your company without disturbing your core business. And last but not least: we help you to maintain a high level of computer security. Because security threats never rest nor sleep.



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